What is Slow Fashion?

The Basics -

Slow fashion is an alternative to fast fashion, part of the "slow movement". Slow fashion advocates good quality products, created with fairness and a clean environmental foot print.

The movement is in many ways a continuation of Carlo Petrini's Slow Food Movement, which follows many of the same principles of awareness and responsibility surrounding food production.

What does this mean for you?

In the simplest terms, following a slow fashion movement means being aware of wear your clothes (or accessories) come from and what effect they have on the environment.

People who follow this approach to fashion concentrate on buying good-quality garments that will last longer, that value fair treatment of people, animals and the planet.

How does Wilful North fit into all this?

At Wilful North there is a very small team, of one - that's me! Alongside a small, carefully selected group of suppliers all digitally printing and producing garments here in the UK. I only work with people I feel have the same values as me, so I know my scarves are ethically produced and all workers involved in their production are fairly paid.

My aim with Wilful North, is to create beautiful, luxurius and high quality pieces that you'll treasure and wear for many, many years and hopefully pass on to family or friends.